Provincetown Whale Watching: Everything You Need to Know

Provincetown whale watching is one of the finest Cape Cod attractions. It never fails to amaze children and adults, who come to Cape Cod with high expectations and experience Provincetown whale watching with pure delight. Trips leave on a daily basis and return with participants filled with joy. You will find all the information you need with regards to Provincetown whale watching on the Whalewatch website, but we will also go through some key points in this post for your convenience.


Provincetown Whale Watching 101

As the website states Dolphin fleet Whale Watches are unique. The trips offer a wide spectrum of educational tools that go beyond the “average whale watch”. All trips are designed with respect to the natural habitat of whales and other marine life that the trip might encounter. The primary goal of Whalewatch is to have each passenger understand and appreciate the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary and the wealth of life it supports. The diversified activities that they provide ensure that you will have an amazing time no matter what your age group is.

Provincetown Whale Watching Species

Humpback whales are the most often spotted species during Provincetown whale  watching trips. Many of the humpback whales that are spotted every year return with new born calves. This is exciting for us crew members and passengers alike, as they get the chance to engage in activities with the curious young whales.The calfs often investigate the boats while the mother is busy feeding, thus enabling the crew and the passengers to get a closer look.

Other species that are often spotted during Provincetown whale watching trips include the Finback whale, the Minke whale, the Sei whale, the Pilot whale, Dolphins and Porpoise.

Oftentimes, a large numbers of birds are also spotted during Provincetown whale watching trips, such as northern gannets diving into the water after their prey. Many of these birds are pelagic and can only be viewed off-shore by boat. This offers passengers the chance to view birds in their natural marine habitat and to reach a deeper understanding with regards to marine life in general.

Other Activities during  Provincetown Whale Watching Trips

The wide spectrum of activities while whale watching in Provincetown is really never ending. Our favorite activity for younger and oder generations alike is learning about whale sounds. In the Whalewatch cabin tour participants are able to listen to the many different species of whales and see how each animal has it’s own vocalizations. Passengers love to listen to the many different humpback sounds or the finback and right whales ones, as they learn important information about their natural habitats, life habits and navigation through sound. Using acoustics to live in the ocean is one of the most impressive parts of whale life, and visitors of all ages are always thrilled to listen to stories about the use of this unique trait, both amongst whale populations, and as it has been adapted to improve underwater radar technologies for submarine orientation.

Provincetown whale watching is an opportunity not to be missed! Join us in Provincetown and enjoy this marine life wonder!

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