Provincetown Lodging 101 – The Ultimate Guide

Provincetown lodging can be tricky, depending on your preferences and price range. To make the best decision regarding Provincetown lodging you need to consider a few parameters that will improve your traveling experience. Those parameters vary depending on your lifestyle, familial status and overall traveling preferences. Provincetown has a wide range of lodging facilities, which means that you can actually choose amongst quite a few good options based on your ¬†preferences. Our Provincetown Lodging 101 Ultimate Guide, aims to remind you of those parameters and to explain their overall significance. Let’s take a look together at the different parameters that are bound to make a difference in scheduling your vacation.


Provincetown Lodging 101 – The Ultimate Guide

Proximity to Provincetown Center

Although not a major aspect of your vacation on a first reading, proximity to Provincetown center can improve the quality of your vacation for several reasons. Particularly if you have travelled from far away, Provincetown lodging situated at the center of the city can give you the chance to leave your car in the premises and walk around the beautiful center. This is entirely up to you though, as several visitors are so astounded by the beauty of the Cape that they perceive of their car as the best companion in this journey.

Kid- friendly Surroundings

Another important aspect of choosing your Provincetown lodging facility is whether you are traveling alone or with kids. It is usually the case that kids need space and a number of activities to keep themselves busy. A cosy inn might not be the best choice for you as most of the times inns or b&bs do not allow children younger than 16 to stay at their premises. It is therefore important to make sure that the Provincetown lodging facility of your choice will be able to facilitate a pleasant stay for the entire group.

Are Pets Welcome?

To put our cards on the table our little friends should not normally impose such a huge burden on other Provincetown lodging facilities. ¬†We are extremely happy to have them. However, this isn’t always the case with other Provincetown lodging facilities. Make your pick with caution as you are booking your stay here at Provincetown and always make sure that your little friend is welcome and suitably cared for. We are very respectful of our visitors and we are always offering 100% of our attention to their little friends as well.

Spa and Relaxation Amenities

Cape Cod has it all and it is very important to keep in mind the different kinds of activities you can find in the area…museums, galleries, outdoor activities, incredible nature…the list goes on and on. However, it is always nice to keep in mind that amazing spa and relaxation amenities are available in the area. You can prepare yourself for the beach or an elegant outing, or just relax and enjoy the amazing relaxation that such experiences offer. When the weather at the Cape is not as sunny as you hoped it would be Spa and relaxation amenities are your best bet for a day in luxury!

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